Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply (the "Terms") of YAMPE GmbH for all services and products (the "Products") from YAMPE GmbH
As a customer any natural or legal person is called, which has a business relationship with YAMPE GmbH.

First Scope
The Terms apply to all products - free of charge or - who advises YAMPE GmbH. Sale and delivery is only after the Terms
of YAMPE GmbH conflict with or differ from these terms and conditions of the customer are not recognized, unless YAMPE GmbH
has explicitly and in writing. The current and binding version of the GTC is published on the Internet at www.yampe.com.
A printed copy can be obtained from YAMPE GmbH.

Second Benefits of YAMPE GmbH
YAMPE GmbH provides its services professionally and carefully in accordance with these Conditions and the remaining
provisions. YAMPE GmbH strives to always offer their customers the best and latest products.

Third Offer
The products and services that are published on the Internet under www.yampe.com considered as binding offer. This offer
is always under the (resolution) condition of a delivery impossible or incorrect pricing (from the manufacturers or
from YAMPE GmbH). The contract is concluded when the customer places an order through the boilerplate form and this
arrives at YAMPE GmbH. However, if one of the above (resolution) conditions occur, the contract will be terminated
immediately and without the participation of the parties. Furthermore, the customer is informed immediately of
YAMPE GmbH. If the delivery of the product has already been done before, the property automatically reverts to YAMPE GmbH
and the customer is obliged to return power (under repayment of the price paid) required. If the delivery of the product
is not yet complete, the customer is not to pay the purchase price, nor obliged to accept.

4th Products Information
YAMPE GmbH endeavors to inform the customers about the products and services offered on the website the best possible way
and to educate. Therefore, all information on www.yampe.com no responsibility or liability and not to be considered a
warranty. Especially for the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information can not be held liable. All prices are,
unless otherwise stated, exclusive of VAT, advanced recycling fees and copyright fees.

5th terms of payment
Generally, the customer agrees to pay the amount by cash in advance by bank transfer or credit card, the products in the
assortment of YAMPE GmbH and can be ordered at the customer are carried out only after prepayment. If the customer is no
longer creditworthy YAMPE GmbH appears YAMPE GmbH is entitled to make the order wholly or partially reversed.

6th Arrears
In default of payment or other breach of contract or if YAMPE GmbH becomes aware of circumstances which reduce the
creditworthiness of the customer, so YAMPE GmbH reserves the right to provide any outstanding or future services only
against advance payment or cash on delivery.
If the customer is on its obligation to fully or partially, all outstanding amounts which are payable under any title,
payable immediately, and suspended all deliveries. YAMPE GmbH holds reserves the right to withdraw. This contract shall
automatically and without notice, after eight days in force after YAMPE GmbH has unsuccessfully sent to the customer a
payment request via email.

7th Delivery
In the shipping costs are also the packaging costs ev. Small quantity surcharge included.
Upon receipt of the order and sending the appropriate confirmation is committed YAMPE GmbH for the fastest possible
delivery of services. The customer is contractually obligated to accept the service. In case of non-delivery, the customer
than four weeks after the agreed date for the withdrawal. In case of cancellation due to non-delivery YAMPE GmbH refunded
back to the customer in advance of amounts paid.
Special structures and customized products, or individual customer orders may, after delivery of the order will not be
All the expected delivery times are subject to change without notice. They are intended as a rough guide and is not
binding. In particular, the automatically generated order confirmation is not binding, but merely show the customer
that their order placed has arrived at YAMPE GmbH.
All products which are not available at YAMPE GmbH stock must first be obtained from the manufacturer or supplier. A
sales contract is therefore under the (resolution) condition of non-delivery and is in fulfillment of the condition,
ie with a fixed non-delivery, dissolved. If a product is no longer manufactured, or it can be supplied not by our supplier,
the contract between YAMPE GmbH and the customer will be automatically canceled. Of the receipt of the automatically
generated order confirmation does not promise that the product is actually available and can be delivered. It indicates
the client simply indicates that the order placed is arrived at YAMPE GmbH and therefore the contract has been concluded,
which is subject to the condition of non-delivery.
Transportation damage (visible and hidden) and incorrect deliveries must be notified within 5 days of receipt of the
shipment. The device must not be used in this case.

8. Warranty
We do not guarantee our products, according to swiss OR. At the discretion of YAMPE GmbH, we can offer a
culpable solution.
YAMPE GmbH expressly declines any further services than the replacement of the defective product or the reimbursement
of the purchase price.

9th Return of goods
The return is at the expense and risk of the customer in each of the YAMPE GmbH announced Rücksendeort. The customer is
responsible for proper and insured transportation. The return must be made in consultation with YAMPE GmbH.
Devices, which are submitted to exercise the warranty to the manufacturer, are not covered by the warranty or not at
YAMPE GmbH purchased, can YAMPE GmbH return at the expense of the sender or refuse to accept. For devices that do not
have observable failure or defect is not covered by the manufacturer's warranty, an inspection and handling fee will
be charged.

10th Exchange, return
The return of products is not possible. Only in exceptional cases and after consultation with YAMPE GmbH may be a return.
As a base price for all returns and maximum conversions always applies the current price, which is the day of the return
or exchange valid or the amount paid. Shipping charges and payment expenses (credit card, etc.) will not be refunded.
Products that have been ordered specifically for the customer are excluded from the return or exchange entirely.

11th Liability
YAMPE GmbH is committed to the customer for the diligent performance of the services in accordance with these Conditions
and the remaining provisions.
Compensation claims from impossibility of performance, breach of contract, negligence of contract or tort, are against
YAMPE GmbH, unless willful intent or gross negligence, and against the vicarious agents of YAMPE GmbH entirely excluded.
The liability for indirect or consequential damages arising from the use, misuse or failure of service performance is

12th Changes in the Terms and Conditions
YAMPE GmbH reserves the right to change these terms at any time. Changes in the terms and conditions are communicated to
the customer on time with the announcement of the commencement valid email. Due to inadequate or non-receipt of the
notification e-mail with the link to the T-changes YAMPE GmbH can not be held responsible. For purchase orders, the time
before the entry into force of the amended Terms and Conditions and have attained through a confirmation of YAMPE GmbH
liability apply even after the entry into force of the amended Terms and Conditions of the past.

13th Jurisdiction and applicable law
Jurisdiction for all disputes with YAMPE GmbH Aarau.

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